Members in all organizations are looking for the most important aspects of their missions. These important aspects can or will affect the end result and is therefore MISSION CRITICAL. We will design and develop systems that support or enhance the individual member in doing their part of the job for their organzation.

Born In Norway Under Arctic Conditions!

The arctic climate is harsh and demanding. All our equipment is made with this climate in mind. All the way from the idea, through testing and trialing until we know it will not only make you survive, but make you excel in these conditions. If it doesn’t survive the cut, we will not present it to you.


Murphys laws says: «If it’s stupid but it works, it isn’t stupid». We try to free our mind and let the rest follow. Sometimes these ideas might seem stupid at first, because our minds are tuned in too see only a few options. Most likely the options that has been used before. What if there are other options? «The important things are always simple; the simple are always hard»(Murphys laws of war)! We know this by first hand experience from a military setting, but also from mountain climbing, hunting, fishing and so on. Serving other people is simple, it requires no complex plan, but it’s hard. Still, we will serve you!

  • Outside the box mindset and curiosity in design phase.
  • Both military and civilian background.
  • A wide aspect of test- teams and test enviroments.



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