Our mission is to design and develop the best equipment for the individual, in order to give the organization an edge to deal with the task on hand more effectively and quickly react to new challenges. With years of experience, both from civilian and military product development, we can help you all the way from idea to a fully functioning product. With a clear understanding on how systems should be adapted to the ergonomics of the human body, how the human body and mind reacts to a stressfull enviroment and the users requirements for their missions and tasks, we can find the right solutions. We believe the most important aspect of R&D is a close and constant dialogue with users and their requirements. With years of experience from both outdoors and military product development we look at the R&D prosess from more than one angle. MCD has a wide aspect of test teams and judgement panels to support us in the R&D.

Focus areas for our current designs:

  • User friendliness
  • Ergonomics
  • Weightreduction
  • Bulk reduction
  • Multi-role/ modularity

Rapid design and prototyping
Small/ medium/ large production runs
Production of, and/or enhancement of user requirement documents


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